AeroLite Pedals

AeroLite Pedals has been serving the cycling community around the world since 1979. They specialize in the finest lightweight pedal systems.

  1. At 33 grams, the pedals are the lightest in the world. The pedal and shoe clip weigh less than 100 grams per pair.
  2. They are the strongest pedal available. They have been measured to 3620 pounds in a shear test. No rider weight limit.
  3. The lowest bearing friction is provided by the Turcite bearing.
  4. They have the safest exit method by foot supination, a natural ankle motion.
AeroLite Pedals
AeroLite Pedal
The Lite Pedal seen to the left is the lightest pedal on the market today. At a mere 33 grams each (approximately 1.2 oz) of rotating weight, Lite pedals by AeroLite use less physical energy. The pedal is constructed of aerospace grade titanium 6A-4V, and TurciteŽ. The bearing surface is then hand finished. This pedal is also the strongest on the market. They have been independently* stress-tested to over 3600 foot-pounds in a shear-crack test.